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Author Comments:

sosenka_va, August 2nd, 2009, 12:33 pm


Go check it out >u<


@Ihatedogowners: Haha my lovely stalker <3 Thank you x3

@Rindesei: Thank you <3 And huge thanks for the review too X3 <3<3<3

@Immer: Thank you : D It was actually the most time consuming panel of the whole page :'D

@hiruda: Thank you <3

@H0lyhandgrande: Ah I felt so incomplete without backgrounds ;^; And they're back! I'm really happy you like them x3

@Catiris: That's good question! xD I'll answer soon x3

@SuperBiasedMan: Oh no worries, It'll get more complicated soon XD

@fishuu: Ah thanks X3 I like how it came out too :3

@Kuro-Neko-Chan: Hahah Thanks XDDDD <3

@Qwchestr: Thanks X3 I wish they were a bit less time consuming tho :'D

@Taiphon: I never knew my comic could paralyze feet x'DD

@Sepapa: Nope '^'

@Gracifer: Thank you x3 Getting the right mood is really hard, happy I'm doing it right XD

@yoko molotov: Thanks <3

@Yolin: I'll try as hard as I can XD

@emruki: Haha I'd like a room like that too, having that whole mansioney thing he's in would be nice too >u>

@mellostation: Thank you <3 I'm really flattered >//^//<

@Imi: Ah thank you, I'm really, REALLY happy you like it, especially since you're such a great artist yourself. Thank you ;^;

@Wisteria: I'm not really sure if I should be happy about that, but I am >u>''' xD

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Reader Comments:


The contrast in the second panel is fantastic.

posted by Immer on August 2nd, 2009, 1:24 pm


Ouch... . A < Lovely backgrounds~

posted by hiruda on August 2nd, 2009, 3:16 pm


Yaaay your backgrounds are awesome >w< I'd been so used to seeing white void XD

posted by H0lyhandgrenade on August 2nd, 2009, 4:32 pm


Such gorgeous, professional art.
Where is that sound coming from?

posted by Catiris on August 2nd, 2009, 9:06 pm


I have no idea what's going on.

I love it.

posted by SuperBiasedMan on August 2nd, 2009, 9:47 pm


Backgrounds! Love the detailing on the bed and door <3

posted by fishuu on August 2nd, 2009, 10:27 pm


aah...bleeding eyes and long lashes...


(shrieks) YAAAAAAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Kuro-Neko-Chan on August 2nd, 2009, 11:22 pm


I love the backgrounds! ;w;

And OMG I CRINGED when I saw it rip XDD
*shudders* So cool! :D

posted by Qwchestr on August 3rd, 2009, 12:33 am


H-Holy shit, I just lost feeling in my foot after reading this. XD;; I love itt~ <33

posted by Taiphon on August 3rd, 2009, 12:08 pm


hey is this a werewolf comic?

posted by Sepapa on August 3rd, 2009, 7:12 pm


That has to hurt.

Gorgeous work! Keep it up. It's getting frightfully intriguing, page by page. <3

posted by Gracifer on August 4th, 2009, 7:00 pm


simply amazing. faved

posted by yoko molotov on August 4th, 2009, 8:07 pm


Your comic looks amazing ;u; keep up the good work!

posted by Yolin on August 5th, 2009, 4:17 am


I kind of like the dotted pattern the thread leaves in his eyelids. :'D

And I'd kind of like a room like that, too. c:

posted by emruki on August 5th, 2009, 8:29 pm


Wow, this comic is amazing so far! The art is impeccable and I love how the storyline is in the middle of the plot. Interesting twist with the memories and the wishes, too. :D Lots of mysteries to explore! Can't for an update. <3

posted by mellostation on August 6th, 2009, 12:43 am


So, I have no idea why I hadn't checked out this comic in more detail yet (hint; because I suck). It's stunning, the artwork is just...amazing, and that coloured page you did a while back absolutely blew me away.

I cannot WAIT for more updates. You've got such a dark, unique looking story here.

posted by Imi on August 6th, 2009, 9:28 am


Ouuuuuuch. I've read so much manga that I'm normally immune to seeing blood, but that made me cringe.

posted by Wisteria on November 13th, 2009, 9:45 pm


is that beethoven's moonlight sonata? intriguing so far, good style decisions

posted by rhino (Guest) on February 8th, 2010, 5:17 pm

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